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all the uses of mystery
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I'VE MOOOOOOOVED!!!! [09 Jul 2009|01:30pm]
ok! ok!!! ok!!!! i know it's only been a while since i started using THIS LIVEJOURNAL, but guess what, I'VE MOVED AGAIN!!!!! this time i promise to update more, and with MORE INTERESTING THINGS. :) 

OK OK OK (yay) you can click HERE&HERE&HERE&HERE&HERE&THEREEEEEYOUGO! for my new ummm..... journal thing. ok BYEBYE!
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40 [06 Jul 2009|08:22pm]

today i did something (somebody) and i used to loooooooove doing: my mom and i looked at yearbook photos. to my horror, this time i was drawn to a stunning smile, and sparkling eyes... LO AND BEHOLD, IT WAS MY FAIR BROTHER!!!! PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!!! i feel so tempted to post the photo but... that's a little disturbing....

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39 [30 Jun 2009|11:02pm]

pumpkin, avocado, corn soup, chwee kueh, prawn chee cheong fun, string cheese, soursop, mangosteen... these are a few of my favourite things.............

i think i should set up an agency of trained martial arts experts to KICK THOSE TWERPS WHO BREAK MY FRIENDS' HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!! and also a spa for some heart healing...... and a cafe for heart to heart talks... and a hair salon... with a professional eyebrow shaper.... and a sculptor of beautiful hearts for sale.... (i am a lousy friend.)

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38 strawberry avalanche [20 Jun 2009|11:29am]

if you were a beautiful sound and the echo's all around
then i'd be your harmony and we'd sing along with the crowds...

it's a strange hot day... lets eat ice cream and melt along in the sun...

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37 [18 Jun 2009|12:25am]
i am a real 8)
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36 [16 Jun 2009|05:46pm]
i just drank a lemon!

today, i read the last page of a loved love story...


(ok, this is not exactly on the last page but i'm pretty sure if you resized the font and played around with spacing a little it could very well be on the last page!) it was breath-takingly heart-breaking! (i'm sorry if your heart broke as you read the SPOILER....! but that's no spoiler, really!)

i'll be out of my mind
and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon!
so lets spend the afternoon in a
cold hot air balloon!
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35 [12 Jun 2009|11:11pm]
yesterday walk walk
my mom wanted me to write
a boring haiku

hello there :) today i feel so in looooooove - it maaaaaay be the endorphins from sweeping levels of staircases down down down (the reverse of my favourite activity - ascension) - or maybe it's the teehee :D from fixing up cute pages with cam - or learning important and everlasting truths (this is probably it) - ! epiphanies and activities and laughter and and and and and and........ there's something special about every day but i fail to notice these things sometimes! instead of epiphanies i'm getting epissanies (quote jessica darling) and life can be really dreary with a sorrowful heart! but a merry heart! oh, i want to have a merry heart that chooses joy, that chooses God, His peace... and loooooove :) everyday for the rest of my life! :)
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34 [09 Jun 2009|06:25pm]
thank you for your hugs and looove :) (this means cherry and kai qing and chu and gwenny)! it was a stupid day with stupid things happening... like really really stupid we were crying over towels... TOWELS, I TELL YOU. oh, it's an ironic piece of cloth!!! (omg iron do you need to iron towels????? my jokes are getting ahead of me) (oh great i can't think of anything to do with ahead except i usually put one towel on my head... and this reminds me of the french book chu ting you can turn to the big black one and look at the many hats on many heads...)

well :D you know what! i'd really love to get to know you... yes, you. but i don't know the right questions to ask right now. you could comment if you want to tell me something about yourself, just because you feel like it. and we could meet for lunch...

byebye :)
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33 [06 Jun 2009|08:32pm]
everything makes me want to cry.... it's a good thing i don't look that ugly when i cry.
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32 [30 May 2009|10:16am]
i think my mom is losing her marbles... or maybe using phones makes her go slightly dingdong.

i asked her whether cam could stay over the other day... and...
mom: nooooo you cannot let her come our house is so unpresentable! (haha now she's gonna kill me if she ever reads how i'm telling the WHOLE WORLD (or not) how unpresentable it is!)
me: but she's just coming to my room!!!
mom: yeah that's the most unpresentable part!!! you have to keep her blindfolded for 24 hours!!!
me: are you serious?!?!?!?!?!?
mom: yes, sarah!!! take my advice!!! if you don't want to lose a good friend, don't invite her!!!
me: ok bye

and and yesterday when i was out...
mom: are you coming home soon?
me: no
mom: well move your butt in the direction of home!!!
me: ok i'll get a compass
mom: you don't need a compass - look up at the sky and check the alignment of the stars!!!
me: ok bye
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31 [16 May 2009|11:21pm]
wow i think i am falling in love with my livejournal................

hello hello antsy!

(i think the amount of time i spend typing in this white space is inversely proportional to the amount of time i spend thumbing the little buttons on my phone... my idiotic not-as-cute-as-kim-bum boyfriend is still far awaaaay :( bleargh. if he reads this when he comes back, i'll be far away from here... forever.)
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30 woooooooooooo! [16 May 2009|11:04pm]
wow, nat, i know who to go to when i want to find out how to WOO BOYS! your mom!

natascha. cold cold water says:
its true. i made banana bread but put it in cupcake holders
natascha. cold cold water says:
then i put icing on them to create these faces!
natascha. cold cold water says:
its hard work
$$sarah says:
natascha. cold cold water says:
and guess who gave me the idea
natascha. cold cold water says:
Oh my you are gng to die laughing
natascha. cold cold water says:
natascha. cold cold water says:
and guess where she got it from
natascha. cold cold water says:
natascha. cold cold water says:
she popped into my room last night and went.. "why don't you bake him something since he has everything. like the korean show!"
$$sarah says:
$$sarah says:
$$sarah says:
etc etc
natascha. cold cold water says:
natascha. cold cold water says:
it looks like the emoticons
natascha. cold cold water says:
because i was lying on my bed thinking
natascha. cold cold water says:
then i know he doesn't have curly hair
natascha. cold cold water says:
well he has no hair really
$$sarah says:
$$sarah says:
$$sarah says:
this is cracking me up
natascha. cold cold water says:
and 2 tiny dots isn't exactly art

(in case you don't get it........ "happy birthday in one hour, jonathan james!")

(today was a very tiring day... wow.)
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29 [14 May 2009|11:40am]

ok, it really is CRAZY freezing here! my arms will become ice lollies! my nose will turn into a little mochi! my corneas will transform into cornettos! we will turn into snowmen and women because we're all 90% water!

just a little note to...

joanne: i love pottery boy so much i'm reading a book all about him!! (ok it's harry potter)
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28 [13 May 2009|12:34am]

Lord, all sovereign
Granting peace from heaven - 
Let me comfort those who suffer
With the comfort You have given.
I will tell of Your great love
For as long as I live
Singing what a faithful God have I!

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27 toilet paper [12 May 2009|05:29pm]

how not to take some WONDERFUL (really!) things for granted:

1. the office toilet had NO TOILET PAPER THE OTHER DAY AND I HAD TO P TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. there's some brand of toilet paper that tears very easily. and it's really thin! and yuck! it's tearrible!!!!!
3. i think we have some new toilet paper in the office and it's very rough. i don't like this either.
4. chu ting's house has the perfect toilet paper i think i shall pop by next week to enjoy myself in her bathroom :P HEEHEEHEE

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26 [13 Apr 2009|08:07pm]
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25 [09 Apr 2009|07:01pm]
i think i only post when i feel grumpy or sad or something bad!!! (this is very selfish of me because unless everyone out there feels a schadenfreudian burst of excitement when they read sad things... i am essentially making everyone feel a little uncomfortable... and not in a nice way.)

well anyway, i like this:

"a person's a person, no matter how small!" (from my favourite pop-up book-with-rhymes!) it kind of reminds me of one of my favourite friends, too... can you guess who? :P
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24 [09 Apr 2009|12:15am]
joanneeeeeeeee you have put into my heart a desire like no other.........

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23 [31 Mar 2009|10:09pm]
my sister has been invited to receive a Book Prize... we were trying to guess what book she would receive............

mom: book voucher!!
me: book prizes are books!! (sorry i'm so boring, and i can't tell jokes cannot join so you think you can tell jokes)
steph: archie comics.
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22 [30 Mar 2009|05:08pm]
hi guys guess where i am!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, in this freezing box where i have isolated myself for most of the part of the day (technically speaking) when the sun shines!!

but "i'm working to make butter for my piece of bun"!!! and that makes me happy except that i don't particularly fancy butter - joanne you want? :P

wow wow wow somehow it seems that i can actually live without many many many many (many manys) friends, no matter how cold and distant and hard and awful and (wow don't i know many p1 spelling words?) that sounds, it's true. my closest friends these days are from church (and they bring me great joy!!! :D) working is so boring cos there isn't anybody my age to talk to, and everyone has to work anyway. nobody wants to listen to a kid talk nonsense. which is what i enjoy doing. :(

but before you think i think my life sucks and i feel lonely -- i must tell you this is actually the opposite. i'm pretty content - this "new experience" has been good, even if i haven't really learnt that much (but i wonder, is that me not being receptive?) - i've had lots of time to do the things i want to, and it's so quiet here so i can read the Bible and reply emails (esp those from siemens.com :D)

as for being lonely, i know i'll never be alone. :) :) :) i'm not even afraid of being alone anymore. sure, it's not going to be half as fun as before, when everything was new and heartbreakingly beautiful -- speaking of which, have you realised the most beautiful woman in the world can be found conveniently in just about every love story.... oh, she's a transformer! why doesn't anyone write about the second-most beautiful woman in the world? or maybe the one ranked 499?

ok, enough of that! well feel free to talk to me if you need to want to. and i love reading emails!!!!!

omg i shouldn't have listened to music my korean colleague is teaching some others how to speak korean!!! sherlyn be very jealous!!! :D

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